How to Give Great Head

Giving good head is an art - an art you can learn if you practice a bit. I know a lot of girls struggle with giving their man good head - so here's a little step-by-step guide for you so you can make him the happiest guy on the planet.

Your first goal when giving a man head is to get him relaxed - he needs to relax so he can completely enjoy the pleasure you're giving him. Start off by putting him in a nice, comfortable couch where you can tease him a little bit.

Pour some wine for both of you, white wine is better for these occasions - it's okay if you get just a little bit tipsy, but don't even think about getting drunk. Talk with him, smile, then start seducing him slowly, it's important that the entire blow job is good from start to finish, so get it started right. Slowly start teasing him by licking his fingers and tell him what you'd like to do with him - don't be shy, just take it easy and be a little naughty - guys love that.

There are more than a dozen positions you can give a man good head in, but stick to a simple one where he can have a good view of you - guys are visual - so don't even think about turning the lights off. After stroking his **** through his pants for a minute or two - he'll be rock hard. Slowly get down between his legs while he's sitting on the couch in a comfortable way. Slowly unzip his pants, but once you've got his "friend" out - don't tease him too much - that makes most guys too nervous and frustrated - and you want him to stay relaxed. So once you unzip him - dive right in there.

Start by sucking him slowly and then building up the speed and tempo as you're giving him head. Most girls make the mistake of thinking too much - don't think, just enjoy it, the more you love it the more he'll love it. Go with the flow and follow your feelings - suck with passion.

You need to combine everything you've got - licking, sucking, squeezing, stroking, twisting and tickling - the better you combine this, the more he'll enjoy it. Have eye contact, make it wet and be more aggressive. There's a lot more to a great blow job and you can learn it all just by practicing. For more advanced advice, tricks, tips and techniques for giving an man good head check out my book and learn how to give head.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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