How to Give Perfect Head

You need to learn how to give a great blow job if you want to have a better relationship - I know some girls hate giving them - but they don't realize how important this is to guys and how much they value a woman that knows how to give amazing head. So in case you want to learn it - here's a little guide for you.

The first thing you need to avoid is making the same mistakes all girls make - Don't be shy, don't make a stupid, bored face because that's completely unattractive, don't make nasty faces, don't get angry or frustrated if he doesn't orgasm after 3 minutes.

Now that you know what you shouldn't do - here's what you should do if you want to give him the best head of his life. You need to understand that technique is not as nearly as important as having a great attitude - a great attitude means that you completely love giving him a blow job, everything less then that is bad. If you don't enjoy giving him head, he won't enjoy receiving it. Always keep that in mind. So your most important task is to make him believe that you really, really love giving him head. Once that is done you can continue...

Be aggressive - don't be afraid to have a tight grip around his shaft. You need to pick a good position - there are many different blow job positions - I recommend that you are under him, kneeling between his legs while he is standing - this is a great position 'cause you man can see you completely. Don't even think about turning off the lights - guys are visual and they need to see you doing it.

Look into his eyes, moan a lot and try showing him that you got really turned on just from giving him a blow job - this will make him feel like a king and he'll enjoy you a lot more. Combine sucking on his head, licking his shaft up and down, stroking, twisting and of course - holding his balls gently in one hand and maybe tickling them with your nails - just remember to be gentle.

Talk dirty to him - as he's getting closer to cum, stroke harder and don't even think about slowing down - after that it's completely your decision how he'll finish. Of course - most guys will want you to swallow, but that's your decision. This is just basic info - you can find more tips, tricks and techniques in my source box. Just remember to have fun and enjoy it together. He'll love you for it!

I’ve been teaching thousands of women all across the world how to give the best blow jobs – don’t let them get ahead of you, this is a skill every woman should have, and you’ll see the benefits once you get good at it that will be very, very valuable to both you and your boyfriends.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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