How to Give Head in Public

Giving your man can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do for your relationship - if you do it properly of course. But over time, and some more time - it might, but doesn't necessarily have to, it just might become a bit boring. So what are you going to do then?

Well - you can try a new technique, but it's easier to just change the enviroment. That's why you shouldn't always just give him head in the exact same place (in the bedroom) all the time. First you can move around in the house. A nice "good morning" blow job is great in the bathroom, or in the kitchen while he's making some food :) All that might be exciting, as long as you experiment and you're not afraid to try new things it'll all be cool.

But at a certain point - you'll move out of the house. You can give him head in the car - and in many other blowjob locations but what about outside, in the wild, or in a public place where someone might just appear out of nowhere? That may be exciting for both of you, but it might also be stressful.

Some guys, and it happened to me many times when I was younger, just get lost in these situations and can't keep it hard. On other occassions they might get crazy of excitement if they're more of the adventurous type. A great public place to give your man head is at the movies - you need to pick the right movie, the right time and of course - the right seats. I've gotten head in the cinema countless times, sometimes it was great, but once we got caught and it was emberrasing, but we didn't care. It was a fun experience and something you remember over time.

As for giving regular head outdoor - I suggest going to a forest, or somewhere near a lake. Maybe even at the beach at night, under the stars - now that will be a great experience. It's important that you have clothes that are easy to put on and off, or at least something you can use to cover yourself - just as a backup plan. On the other hand, just keep it cool - it's important that you can get your guy to relax and to orgasm faster.

In public you usually don't have that much time to take it easier, usually you don't even know how much time you might have - so get it over quick. And of course, swallow please - in these situations you don't have time to spit around the place or use a napkin or whatever. It should be a quicky, everything else is the same as if you were giving him regular head - of course there's more advanced stuff, but in these situations, just stick to the basics, stronger strokes, more aggressive style and combine everything you've got for a faster effect.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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