How to Give Men Great Head

I’ll give you five simple tips that will skyrocket your oral sex skills. But first, why do you want to learn how to give head? I’ll tell you why you should. There are less and less real men out there. Most of them are either complete losers, or they lack confidence, power, manliness, money, strength and everything else.

These men are dying out. Literally. You basically have to fight each other for the real men out there, so who’s gonna get them in the end? Yes. The women that can deliver mind blowing sex, a real man’s basic need. You can have all the intelligence, personality and whatever else on the planet. But if you’re bad in bed – you’re getting nowhere. “bla bla bla” girls, get real.

Men desire good oral sex – they’re not getting enough of it. ‘Cause women nowadays take everything for granted. Some of you think it’s enough to look good and you just lie on the bed and go “I’m yours” – and you expect him to throw in all the effort. It doesn’t go like that. A guy that’s worth something can get women every other day of the week – but he doesn’t want it. ‘Cause he’s fed up with all the “low sex iq” women out there. Okay, I’m going offtopic here.

Anyway, a good bj is hard to find – offer that to him, and he’ll be yours. Here are some basics, five tips.

1 – Choose the right position. Keep in mind that men are visual, we want to see you, don’t even think about turning off the lights. Create a good atmosphere, you want to capture his senses.

2 – Smile. Yep, a smile can be very powerful. I’m not saying you should be grinning all the time, just give him a smile hear and there, it needs to be sexy, seductive, naughty – seduce him, show him that you enjoy it, and really, be genuine.

3 – Look your best. Yep, work on your looks. And pull your hair back, it doesn’t have to drop in all the time, we want to see your eyes and your nice, loving face.

4 – Moan. Yep, as I’ve said, capture his senses, smell nice, talk nice, be happy about it, and you’re already better than 50% of all the other women out there. He’ll, better than 80%.

5 – Look at him for feedback. Eye contact is first and foremost important so you can see his facial expressions and see how he reacts to your techniques, and then adjust. It’s all about the feelings, throw in some real passion and connect with him on a deeper level.

You’ll see over time and practice, there’s nothing more seductive than an amazing bj.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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