Talking Dirty While Giving Head to a Guy

Giving head is an art and doing some dirty talking is absolutely crucial to giving your man the full experience. It's part of the show and it's all about stroking your man's delicate ego and building it up, until it explodes, literally. He'll lose his head.

Getting into the right position is very important and that position is on your knees whether he's standing or sitting. Get right in front of him, confidently, and show him that you're going to suck his cock with vigor and vim. Let him know that you're going to faithfully take every inch of the that big beautiful cock down and swallow every last drop. Tell him. Tell him in vivid details.

Step By Step Guide to Giving Amazing Head

Sometimes we just need things broken down for us into bite sized steps so that we can completely visualize how to do something. When it comes to giving amazing head it's no different. So here's a short, yet complete step by step guide.

First of all, it's best to surprise your guy with a blow job, as random sex is just much hotter. In addition to that the approach is very important. It's best not to say anything, at first. Just go right for his pants, stroke him on the outside for a while, when he gets hard, unzip, and pull his big guy out of there!

How To Give Better Oral - A Bunch Of Funky Tips From A Pro

When it comes to giving better oral sex there are so many variables involved. But, the first and most important thing to remember is to relax and let yourself enjoy giving your man oral sex. Once you get rid of any inhibitions and let yourself enjoy giving you partner pleasure your skills and your man's enjoyment with increase enormously.

So get yourself in the mood, release your inner porn star. This isn't a "job" it's a way to express your love and naughty sexuality to your partner. Get into and you'll find that you'll enjoy it more and so will he.

Guide to Giving Great Head

Want the ultimate guide to giving great head in just a few easy steps? Your wish is my command. The bottom line is this: you need to do two things, first, cultivate the right mind set and two, get your techniques down.

If you're not enjoying yourself then your partner is not going to enjoy himself either. It's so important to learn to love giving head and give it in the right spirit. It's about freeing yourself and your sexuality, as well as learning to give and take, this means learning how to be submissive and how to take control too. Sex is a wonderful experience if you allow your inner femininity to shine through. It's about submitting and yet gaining power through submission. Very paradoxical indeed.

How to Give Perfect Head

You need to learn how to give a great blow job if you want to have a better relationship - I know some girls hate giving them - but they don't realize how important this is to guys and how much they value a woman that knows how to give amazing head. So in case you want to learn it - here's a little guide for you.

The first thing you need to avoid is making the same mistakes all girls make - Don't be shy, don't make a stupid, bored face because that's completely unattractive, don't make nasty faces, don't get angry or frustrated if he doesn't orgasm after 3 minutes.

How to Give Men Great Head

I’ll give you five simple tips that will skyrocket your oral sex skills. But first, why do you want to learn how to give head? I’ll tell you why you should. There are less and less real men out there. Most of them are either complete losers, or they lack confidence, power, manliness, money, strength and everything else.

These men are dying out. Literally. You basically have to fight each other for the real men out there, so who’s gonna get them in the end? Yes. The women that can deliver mind blowing sex, a real man’s basic need. You can have all the intelligence, personality and whatever else on the planet. But if you’re bad in bed – you’re getting nowhere. “bla bla bla” girls, get real.

How to Give Head Like a Pro

You can easily learn how to become great at giving your man head - just like a pro. As long as you're willing to put some practice into it, it's not that hard. You need to maintain eye contact, not just to be more attractive but also to see reactions you are making in your man. Look for feedback, see how he reacts to certain things. Most guys like the same stuff, but there are some differences too - generally once you get good at it you can give any guy a great blow job.

There are some simple things that work and some that don't. It's very important that you realize that oral sex is more mental than physical. You need to capture his emotions and senses. Focus on triggering his senses. Have a nice smell, put on some nice music, create a seductive atmosphere. Guys love it when you act naughty and a bit "slutty" while giving him head.