How to Give Head Like a Pornstar

Hey girls, I'm Jack. This article will teach you how to give your man head like a Pornstar.

Pornstars give the best head because they've had the most practice - the more you practice the better you will get, never forget that. So how do you get as good as a pornstar without practicing "that much" - what you can do is just copy the things they do (what they've learned after giving 1000's of bj's) and you can have the same results they have.

The first and most important thing a pornstar does is LOVE giving head. She loves it so much that the guy can see it in her eyes - once she loves it that much - automatically the guy enjoys it much much more - because he himself feels good about it.

If you don't like the smell of it - make him shower, and experiment by putting chocolate on him, or strawberries. Once you get better at giving head you will naturally start enjoying it more yourself. The more you love it, the more he will love it.

The next thing that makes porn stars the best at giving head is - talking dirty. Yes, you need to arouse him and make him feel like a king - his pleasure from getting head is more psychological sometimes than physical - that's why you need to talk dirty to him and convince him even more that you love what you are doing.

Be confident - that's the third most important thing that most girls forget - they are too shy, no - believe in yourself, and don't slow down, keep going at it until you get to the end - he will love you for it.

p.s.: Make sure you know who you're dealing with, it is possible to get STD's from oral sex.

- written by your resident blow job consultant Jack
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