Step By Step Guide to Giving Amazing Head

Sometimes we just need things broken down for us into bite sized steps so that we can completely visualize how to do something. When it comes to giving amazing head it's no different. So here's a short, yet complete step by step guide.

First of all, it's best to surprise your guy with a blow job, as random sex is just much hotter. In addition to that the approach is very important. It's best not to say anything, at first. Just go right for his pants, stroke him on the outside for a while, when he gets hard, unzip, and pull his big guy out of there!

By now you should be on your knees or sitting on the bed or a couch. Going to your knees is the best, because it shows subservience to your man. He'll eat it up. Worship his cock and he'll worship you back, trust me. Look up at him with your eyes and make your eyes sparkly with desire. This is your cock now and you're going to suck every last drop of come out of there.

Tease him a bit with the tip of our tongue, slide it along the head and the sides of the penis. Grab his penis with one hand firmly and slide the penile skin up and down. He'll gasp with pleasure. It's time to slowly begin sucking on his penis' head.

Start slowly and devilishly with just the head, be gentle and apply modest pressure. Now, it's time to really get it going.

Push more and more of his penis shaft towards the back of your throat, increase pressure slightly, and slowly ramp up your speed. Watch his face to determine how aroused he is becoming. You want him to go into a moderate zone of constant pleasure before kicking up your speed and finishing him off completely.

You want this to be a sensual experience that lasts around ten minutes or more and then is done with a big money shot that you gobble down. Let him play with your hair, pull on it, f**k your face with his hands. Every now and again break contact with his penis and say something like, God I love your huge cock in my mouth, it tastes so good. Never lose eye contact.

When you feel your neck and jaw muscles begin to tire it's time to finish him off by increasing your stroke speed more and more until you reach that glorious burst of come, eat it, smile, and walk away.

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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