Guide to Giving Great Head

Want the ultimate guide to giving great head in just a few easy steps? Your wish is my command. The bottom line is this: you need to do two things, first, cultivate the right mind set and two, get your techniques down.

If you're not enjoying yourself then your partner is not going to enjoy himself either. It's so important to learn to love giving head and give it in the right spirit. It's about freeing yourself and your sexuality, as well as learning to give and take, this means learning how to be submissive and how to take control too. Sex is a wonderful experience if you allow your inner femininity to shine through. It's about submitting and yet gaining power through submission. Very paradoxical indeed.

Once you've got the right attitude and you're eager to get dirty, you're going to have a blast, giving head isn't a chore anymore, it's an adventure in giving pleasure and learning to addict your man to your incredible oral skills. Now, we've got to sharpen those skills, ladies. And, the first golden rule, is no teeth. Never ever. Teeth are the enemy of the great blow job.

Create solid barriers between your teeth and the penis with your lips and your tongue so that no matter what you are not going to be risking a nicked cock and a tap on the shoulder. Next, it's time to learn how to suck cock, that's right it's not a blow job, it's a suck job. So suck away, pretend like there's money in there and you want to go shopping.

But, don't clamp down and suck too hard, ouch, that can be painful as well. It's about finding the perfect balance. You'll accomplish this by reading your guy's expressions and breathing. If he's breathing heavy and his face is all starry eyed, then your pressure is perfect. You can keep him in this heavenly state as long as you like.

Remember to let him guide you. When he twirls your hair into a handlebar, go with it. Look up at him and show him that it's turning you on, you're his little bitch and you're loving it. Take his cock out and smack it right across your face, tell him that you're a bad girl and need to be punished. Spit on that cock, gently lick his balls, and play with the area just below his balls as well. Before you know it he's going to spew right in your face, smile, and lie back with a huge smile on your face, you did it great. It is not that hard to learn how to give a great blow job, you just have to practice and get armed with the right information.

- this article has been written by our guest author, Jenny
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