How to Give Better Head: Use dirty talk

Talking dirty is a very important part of a great blow job experience; remember that you are trying to entice all our man's senses here; including his sense of hearing and nothing can do that better than dirty talk. The biggest problem that woman have with dirty talk is their fear of degrading themselves if they talk dirty. You need to understand ladies that this is simply a role-play, just because you call yourself a slut does not make you one and nobody will hear you except your man because you only used that word in your reference in the bedroom; so start experimenting.

Now another issue that you may face is to ensure that your man is the kind of guy who likes dirty talk, even though most men would almost kill to hear their girls talking dirty, there are some of those uppity chaps who may not appreciate it too much but its fairly easy to gauge this.
I mean, if your man enjoys giving you a detailed description of what he would like to do to you in no uncertain terms and without sugar coating his language; you can be reasonably sure that he would like the same to be done to him. Another way is to experiment with talking dirty during foreplay or heavy petting this should tell you if your man is up for it.

Start with small phrases ones about the how you feel, what you see in front of you, how it gets you hot etc, anything that will not make you feel to uncomfortable, don't shy away from getting a little graphic, tell him what you would like to do to him and to his penis and how you enjoy it in your mouth; how you simply cannot wait to taste him.

Since you are not going to be in the midst of company, you have the liberty to use all the words that you could never imagine using in public, do not use the biological terms for his or your organs, get down and dirty and go for the street or better still the porn flick version. Try moaning, a bit of profanity, some screaming etc.

Get in the mood for talking dirty, if you are not comfortable using all those vernaculars from porn flicks, start with the lighter stuff that makes you feel sexy yet comfortable. If you are shy to use these words even in front of your boyfriend or lover, practice saying them out aloud in front of the mirror.

Don't know what to say? There is a very simple solution to this, get online and read a few erotic stories or watch some free porn; this should give you a fair idea about what will get him moving. Start with sentences like, it's so sexy when you or I love it when you, or I go out of control when your etc; all of these can work wonders for the mood in your bedroom. Be specific about describing body parts etc, for instance, something like mmm , your shaft is so hard and thick, I want to taste it so bad etc.

It is very important that you learn how to talk dirty to a guy if you really want to blow his mind with a great blow job

- written by your resident blow job instructor, Jack
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