How to Give Head Like a Pro

You can easily learn how to become great at giving your man head - just like a pro. As long as you're willing to put some practice into it, it's not that hard. You need to maintain eye contact, not just to be more attractive but also to see reactions you are making in your man. Look for feedback, see how he reacts to certain things. Most guys like the same stuff, but there are some differences too - generally once you get good at it you can give any guy a great blow job.

There are some simple things that work and some that don't. It's very important that you realize that oral sex is more mental than physical. You need to capture his emotions and senses. Focus on triggering his senses. Have a nice smell, put on some nice music, create a seductive atmosphere. Guys love it when you act naughty and a bit "slutty" while giving him head.

Forget about things like "he won't respect you" - that's a myth. He'll adore you for putting in the extra effor to pleasing him. Create a show, it's a performance. Don't even think about turning off the lights - that won't help. Guys are visual creatures - we want to see what you're doing, we want to look deep into your eyes and truly connect on a deeper sexual level which will produce an incredible orgasm.

The reason why professionals know how to give great head is not only practice - but a learned attitude. It's called mirroring - she acts really really happy and excited about giving him a blow job - and of course, these emotions pass on to him. That's just how it goes. On the other hand, unfortunately, most girls just make a bored face as if they were "working". Don't view it as work. That won't help you much. Just have fun with it, if you mess up, whatever. You'll get better over time. It can't and won't be perfect always. Get used to that. It's normal and it's okay. As long as you are giving your best to improve, you're on a good path.

Most guys don't even know what a great blow job actually looks like. A least make sure you're better than all of his ex's - otherwise he'll always be thinking how the one before you was better at blow jobs, and he'll be imagining her face while you're giving him head. That would be crap, but don't think too much about it, don't stress too much - it will have a negative effect on your performance. Just watch out, your man might have a heart-attack-good-orgasm.

- written by your resident blow job consultant Jack
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