Giving Great Head to a Guy

I know a lot of girls struggle with this and they're not sure if they're good enough - well, here's a little guide for you girls so you can make your man happier :)

Giving a great blow job is an art - an art you need to practice if you want to get really good at it. Step number one is having a good attitude - what's a good "blow job attitude" - well, you need to be completely into it - and I mean REALLY into it. If you enjoy giving it, he'll enjoy receiving it.

So now that you know what's a good "blow job attitude" - the next question is - how to convey it?

There are a few ways - first of all, maintain eye contact naturally, the more you look up at him, the better. This way you'll not only create a connection - but you'll also see his reactions and get feedback from him.

The next thing you can to for conveying a good attitude is making sounds - moan a lot, talk dirty to him and even tell him you enjoy/love doing it. As I've said, the more you enjoy giving him a blow job, the more he will love receiving it.

Step number four is - smiling. Nothing will convey a good blow job attitude than a nice smile - so once you get a bit tired, smile, then keep on going, or giggle in a naughty way.

This is all just basic stuff - there is a lot of psychology behind a good blow job, some girls know it, some don't - the best part of it all is that it's learn-able, and you MUST learn How to Give Your Boyfriend The Best Head to keep him and make him want you more than any other girl.

- written by your insane blow job instructor, Jack
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